Long Live the Kings

Celebrating the aesthetics and history of European craftsmanship, Spirit of Kings is an international luxury brand that takes its inspiration from the longstanding heritage of artistic excellence fostered by European royal patronage.

Marching into the future with a confident stride, Spirit of Kings strives to enrich the present by evoking an enchanting and legendary past through its modern creations.


The first collection by Spirit of Kings, fittingly named The Gold Collection, introduces eleven luxury perfumes. In the process of naming them, it was important to focus on what the spirit of a king means, and what it entails.

After conquering much of the Earth, a king’s gaze is directed to the realm of the stars. Thus, each of the perfumes takes its name from a star or a collection of stars, and together they represent the mysterious celestial frontiers that lie in the realm of the imagination, and symbolize the unrealized potential that kings yearn for.


In creating the brand launch advertising, the challenge was in communicating a clear voice for the brand’s niche aspirations, especially since it involved working with an existing logo and bottle design that were particularly ornate.

For this reason, the art direction was kept simple in order to let the perfumes, as well as carefully chosen secondary elements, to set the mood and hint at the brand’s quality.