For Rent (Peace of Mind Included)

RentLabz is an independent, privately-owned company that acts as a mediator between tenants and landlords, promising to make all party transactions easy, positive, and pain-free. Coordinating with relevant government agencies and employing a team of legal and industry experts, RentLabz ensures that no one has the upper hand in any deal between landlords and tenants.


With access to a proprietary system that provides in-depth analytics into the rental market, RentLabz provides services that prove invaluable to tenants, landlords, as well as real estate agencies. With a focus on legal accountability, the company educates its clients in order to ensure that the rights and responsibilities of all parties are never a point of contention.

The most distinguishing factor of RentLabz’s promise was how much emphasis the company placed on the need for all arrangements and proceedings to be friendly and transparent. Inspired by the work of masters Johannes Itten and Takenobu Igarashi, the brand identity follows suit with a colorful and vibrant visual palette that feels young and full of possibilities.