Possibilities Made Simple

CognitiveX is a business-to-business startup that markets, sells, and deploys next generation technology, including artificial intelligence platforms and cognitive systems, to enterprises in Europe and the MENA region. Clients include organizations in the energy, financial, government, manufacturing, medical, retail, and transportation sectors.


Leading technology companies like Google, Facebook, and Microsoft are reshaping their technologies around artificial intelligence. Cloud-based machine-learning operations will serve as the backbone of future ventures. Additionally, hundreds of promising AI startups are emerging globally to lead the way, and investment in AI-driven technology is surging as more investors and businesses realize the benefits of adopting it.

However, AI has long suffered a negative reputation due to the prevalent, oft-dystopian tropes surrounding machines and future technology, largely owed to sci-fi literature and films.

To combat this, an understanding of how artificial intelligence really works is necessary in order to brand the technology properly.

Machine learning, the driving force behind artificial intelligence today, relies on moderated networks that ingest incredible amounts of data in order to produce solutions that can be constantly tweaked and improved. As such, it is a system that is curiously gestaltic in its way of operation: Intelligently compiling fragments of data to build a system model. This, in turn, informed the visual approach for the brand’s identity, where glyph fragments from the brand’s typeface come together to form the full picture.