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Driven by the desire to create bold and relevant work, the studio employs a multidisciplinary approach with the added benefit of a cross-cultural vantage point. No red tapes come in the way of giving every project our undivided attention and striking the best balance between creativity and commerce. Our collaboration with a diverse roster of creative talents enables us to tailor end-to-end solutions.

Led by designer Omar Ayoub, our projects typically span several cities and countries, and are the result of our collaboration with clients across a wide range of industries. These include luxury fashion brands, educational institutions, publishing houses, technology startups, and health & beauty retailers, among others. We also consider our ongoing work with non-governmental and humanitarian agencies essential to our practice, and offer extremely competitive bids to win long-term relationships with new clients.

If you have a project or an idea, we would love to hear from you. Get in touch with us today by filling out the form below.


Brand Identities:
∙ Logos & Visual identities
∙ Bilingual Typography
∙ Naming Systems
∙ Taglines & Slogans

∙ Stationery & Marketing Collateral
∙ Book Design
∙ Packaging & Product Design
∙ Editorial Design

Digital Design:
∙ Web Design & Development
∙ Mobile App UX/UI

Artwork Commissions:
∙ Arabic Calligraphy
∙ Mixed Media

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